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Eco-Friendly Plumbing and Piping Services
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Customer Reviews

Oct 16 2014
Laura Asbill
5-star rating 5/5 stars
OUTSTANDING! Quality Quality Quality.... Very fairly priced, extremely knowledgeable, great workmanship and a true family business, which I love to support. Just had a giant job done by these folks and they are wonderful! Hard, hard workers, ran new clean-out at my house....connected to the main sewer line.(Hope I said that correctly,) Every drain in my house; toilets, sinks, tub, shower...all backed up. Now, it's even better than new, thanks to Arie Plumbing. Thank you!
May 23 2014
Sam Rozenek
5-star rating 5/5 stars
I have worked with Arie Plumbing for the last nine years. During that time Arie has worked on both large and small projects for me both personally and commercially. As a family business, Arie makes every effort to please its customers. As I learned from my first experience with Arie, no job is too small. The staff is friendly, reliable, and responsive. Communication is easy. The work ethic is exceptional. Before any work is done all options for the best way to do the work are explored in order to minimize costs and disruptions of any kind. Arie will not do any work that is unnecessary. As far as the work is concerned, it is first rate. The materials used are of high quality, and the work itself is thorough. The work crews respect the property and are neat and clean. If you have any questions, they spend as much time as necessary answering them. They make sure the work is done correctly. If on a rare occasion a redo is necessary, they will promptly return to make certain that things are properly resolved. Prior to working with Arie, I tried working with large plumbing companies and independent plumbers. None achieved the level of service and work quality as Arie.
Mar 06 2014
Dr. Mitch and Susan Golant
5-star rating 5/5 stars
Alfred Edwards and his crew have been working for us for more than 15 years at our home and apartment buildings. They have been meticulous, reliable, clean, and soft-spoken. We depend on them to help us, and they have quickly come to our rescue more times than we can count! A vital part of our team!
Jan 20 2014
Stanley Kandel
5-star rating 5/5 stars
Your company is great. Thanks for doing everything just as promised on my recent call. It’s nice to know we have a plumbing company we can depend on.
Aug 02 2013
Rocky B
5-star rating 5/5 stars
Alfred is AWESOME! There is nothing better than reaching an office with real people who understand your frustration and have a sense of urgency when handling the simplest of needs or emergencies when pipes break in the middle of the night and need immediate assistance. I was so happy with their attention to detail and making sure I understood what was happening every step of the way I decided to use them to remove an old water heater and go tankless. I highly recommend Arie plumbing.

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